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Item Type Size
53704 #4-1/4 SC/EXT DRILL BIT D     EX-4 1/4" drill bit
53703 #3-5/32 SC/EXT DRILL BIT D     EX-3 5/32" drill bit
53702 #2-7/64 SC/EXT DRILL BIT D     EX-2 7/64" drill bit
Screw Extractors
Spiral Flute
  • Includes spiral extractor and drill bit.
  • High speed drill bit ensures fast, clean drilling.
  • Removal of broken screws, studs, and bolts.
Description: 53704 #4-1/4 Sc/Ext Drill Bit D
Item#: 0925-5704-0
UPC: 042526537042
Price: $6.99 / CD
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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